Impactul asupra resurselor de apă

Documente oficiale in care Agentia de Protectie a Mediului din SUA este poluata in urma fracturarii:

Documente oficiale in care Agentia de Protectie a Mediului din SUA admite ca apa prezinta elemente radioactive

Prezentare powerpoint a unui angajat EPA care coreleaza poluarea apei din orasul Dimock cu fracturarea hidraulica

“Seceta si debitul redus al raurilor inPennsylvania a dus la sistarea operatiunilor de fracturare,” The Watchers

Dear Stephen,

Managing increased volumes of produced water and sourcing enough water for operations is becoming very challenging for operators. These obstacles, however, are creating major opportunities for the water sector.

This cutting-edge new report showcases opportunities for businesses who can offer solutions to exploration and production companies enabling them to reuse produced water for flooding and fracturing fluids. Operators need to overcome the obstacles posed by water scarcity and tighter environmental regulations and will need to turn to water companies for help.

Buy your copy of Water for Onshore Oil and Gas today and save £330/$730.

Huge opportunities for the right solutions         

There are great prospects in this growing market for oilfield service companies and water technology suppliers. However, each resource requires different extraction methods and produced water treatment and each has varying water requirements. We can help – from bitumen extraction in Canada and tight oil in the USA to coal seam gas in Australia, we show you the best opportunities for your solution or service region-by region, covering:

  • Produced Water Management – global volumes of produced water are steadily increasing in line with increased volumes of oil production. Water sector opportunities for handling this water are therefore emerging rapdidly, driven largely by regulatory pressure and disposal restrictions. This report shows you how this is creating opportunities for advanced water treatment for reuse in hydraulic fracturing and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes, transport of this water and disposal.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing – unconventional oil and gas resources like shale gas, tight oil and coal bed methane use hydraulic fracturing to help bring the oil to the surface which requires large volumes of treated water. This report identifies the regional opportunities in pre-treatment of fracturing fluids, water sourcing and chemical services.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) – EOR increases the amount of oil that can be extracted from a well by reducing the viscosity of the oil. In a market where oil producers need to maximise resources in mature oil fields or to extract unconventional resources, EOR is becoming a huge area of opportunity for water companies. We look at the prospects for secondary and enhanced oil recovery.

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